Increasing Broadband Availability and Adoption in the Region

The San Diego Imperial Regional Broadband Consortium focuses on expanding deployment and adoption of broadband for education, health and safety, and economic development in Imperial and San Diego County. SDIRBC was funded through a $450,000 grant from the California Public Utilities Commission.

To accomplish its mission, SDIRBC intends to direct its regional efforts on these goals:

  • Increasing the availability and adoption of broadband technology in the region;
  • Developing and maintaining information about the region's unique technology barriers and needs;
  • Establishing, maintaining, and mapping a lowest common denominator baseline broadband speed;
  • Creating reports and plans that clearly articulate community needs in order to develop projects that address them appropriately.

Members of SDIRBC possess expertise in technology, education, and economic development and include representation from economic development offices; a non-profit technology/technical service foundation; county offices of education; the University of California San Diego Calit2 Institute; and, the Tribal Digital village, a computer network connecting 17 tribal reservations in the San Diego region. Their combined background and experience in technology for community benefit provides a unique understanding of the region's needs and an ability to recommend suitable broadband solutions.

San Diego Facts

 Households 1,086,865
 Underserved 23,990
 Unserved 12,259
 Digital Divide 220,000 (22%)

Imperial County Facts

 Households 49,125
 Underserved 4,728
 Unserved 1,752
 Digital Divide 17,500 (35%)

Data provided by the California Public Utilities Commission (pdf) and the Public Policy Institute of California. Underserved indicates broadband available at 1.5mbps up or less. Unserved is no broadband availability or is slower than 768k down.